Missing mum, and now her book is free

I thought I had made Diamond Moments free to download as an ebook already, but I hadn’t. So, now you can get it in various formats to suit, free, at: Smashwords

It’s on Amazon too, but their minimum price is 99c US – unless they do a price match which is up to them.

May Diamond Moments continue to inspire!

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Farewell to Evan Harris, faithful husband

On the 25th of September Evan peacefully passed away surrounded by his four children, and the extended family all had their farewells before he died.

Here is the funeral sheet for tomorrow’s service in Whangarei. Fortunately Leone has been happily settled for the last weeks in a lovely resthome near the house, and is taking his passing with amazing peace. He had been her fulltime carer for years after her stroke, and visited her in the resthome daily until the stroke which took him.

Evan Harris funeral sheet cover spread Evan Harris funeral sheet inside spread

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A little book of a great sermon on Love

From time to time since 1969 when my mum (Leone) gave me it, I have been inspired and reminded of the power of love by a little book of Henry Drummond’s sermon on love. Now it is a bit tattered, and since I can now print and bind little books myself, I found the out-of-copyright text online and formatted it to print.  Here is the result:

I made about 40 at our New Leaf Network bindery here in KaiwakaNZ. There’s a short preface mentioning how the book came to me and the influence it had, but otherwise it is the unaltered text of the sermon. They are passport sized – about 4 by 6 inches (105mm by 145mm)

and I can post to anywhere in NZ at NZ$7.77 including postage. For overseas customers, US$7.77 including postage. I will get a paypal button up as soon as possible for this site, meanwhile email orders to peter@eutopia.co.nz.

‘Love never faileth!’

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Diamond Moments subtitle now ‘Divine Inspiration’

Well my sister in law Diane Low has insisted that the original subtitle of ‘Moments of natural beauty and supernatural inspiration’ could be misinterpreted, so all obliging, I changed the artwork on the cover, and the wording in the text, to read Divine Inspiration’, and re-uploaded the ebook to Smashwords. I am about to do likewise for Kindle. Diane, you better buy one now! And all your six kids, and your friends 🙂


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A postcard of the Diamond Moments book and website

I just did this. Download, copy and paste to your website perhaps – or even print out!

It is exciting what could be here – the full collection of bookmarks for missionaries and everyone else, stories (diamond moments) from around the world including missionary’s stories from in the field, and more. Perhaps other folk will start doing bookmarks and uploading them here?!


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Diamond Moments is uploaded!

Well it is past midnight and I (Peter) have uploaded to Smashwords and Kindle, and previewed through the kindle previewer, which simulates all the kindle devices, the iphone, and the ipad. It is OK on all these, I think. There is a blank between anecdotes on some, but I dont know if this is avoidable… Will check.

This is the short description of the book on Smashwords:

Diamond Moments is a book of hope and comfort, a perfect bedside book. With short anecdotes and drawings, Leone Harris shares special moments from her life – of natural beauty and supernatural inspiration. For many years Leone and Evan had an ‘open house’where hitchhikers and seekers found love and acceptance. Now she looks back, with humour, joy, and love for people and nature.

here’s the link to mum’s bio page  on Smashwords with the book shown so you can click on it and BUY!:) For a mere US $1.99…


If you buy, make sure to help the book wing its way around the world by giving it a few stars and even a little review if you can. Thank you!


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Diamond Moments the book coming to the Web soon!

I’m Peter Harris, second son of Leone Harris, whose book Diamond Moments – Moments of natural beauty and supernatural inspiration – I urged her to produce from the only-for-family book she had lovingly created for us children, called ‘Leone’s Legacy’. In May 2008 I published her book (very locally) with our digital print business. We even started a website. Now years later, the website having vanished because of an oversight with domain registration, and the digital business sold, a new day is dawning for us as for so many others: the day of the Ebook. I told my mother on her 90th birthday I would make good the oversight, using the wonderful free WordPress platform, and put up her book in a new ebook edition, for Apple ipad, smartphones, and other ebook readers via Smashwords and Amazon Kindle. This is the cover:

Very soon the ebook link will appear on this site, along with (I trust) a whole lot of other goodies from mum’s long bookmark-creating ministry (as mentioned in diamond Moments). I hope my sister Rosie Boom (see her wonderful series of books, ‘The Gift of Values’ and the ‘Barn Chronicles’ including ‘Where Lions Roar at Night’ and ‘Where Arrows Fly’, on www.rosieboom.com) will soon give me lots of things to scan in and put up for you to view and download – bookmarks with Bible verses in particular.

This is mum on her 90th, as she appeared on Rosie’s website.

Family: any images, ideas and feedback to me! And anone else who may find this site, Welcome! leave a comment, look for the ebook here. It cometh!


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